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Pyrometallurgy, Iron & Steelmaking

We provide a full range of pyrometallurgy, iron and steel-making process support including:

Evaluations and comparisons of technologies and processes


  • Shaft furnace - Blast furnaces, Corex, Midrex, HYL, etc
  • Rotary hearth - Fastmelt, Fastmet, ITmk3, etc
  • Direct smelting - HIsmelt, AusIron, etc
  • Fluidised bed – Circofer, Cirocred, Finex, Finmet, etc
  • Steelmaking eg BOF, EAF, etc
  • Speciality steelmaking eg stainless

Technologies and know-how for briquetting, pelletising and agglomeration

Pyrometallurgical process modeling

Evaluations of the markets for iron ore, HBI, pig iron, steel, etc

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