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Iron Ore Capability

Based in South Africa, China, Australia and Botswana, ProMet Dadi (ProMet) is able to offer practical solutions based on an extensive experience of our personnel in the iron ore and manganese industry.

We provide a full suite of engineering services including process plant design, consultancy services and project management. It is committed to providing state-of-the-art technology and solutions to its clients, incorporating the principles of sustainable development to resource processing.

Our employees have had many years of experience in-plant design and process engineering covering the full range of iron ore, copper, manganese and vanadium.

We have acquired iron ore and manganese expertise gained from exposure to various projects around the globe including South Africa, the DRC, Australia, South America and other African countries.

ProMet Dadi has considerable experience with standard laboratory testing methods and systems for mine controls. We have worked on and designed process plants for mining and beneficiating iron ore and manganese on an international basis.

We offer the full spectrum of services from test-work programme development, management and interpretation of test-work, conceptual studies, due diligence, feasibility studies through to bankable feasibility studies. We also carry projects through engineering, subsequent project execution and production ramp up.

We utilize a broad range of process design tools and all our work is overlaid by extensive practical metallurgical and engineering experience.

Our specialist iron ore and manganese expertise covers all aspects of the various types of small to large scale projects and ore types. This includes all unit operations commonly associated with iron ore plants such as crushing, milling, gravity separation, screening, stockpiling and load-out to rail or truck.

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