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Rob Bennett

Managing Director, ProMet Dadi (Pty) Ltd
NHD Extract Metallurgy, MDP Unisa, HBA USB

Rob has been employed in the mineral processing industries for over 20 years. He has a broad experience base including operations management, project management, business development, project financing, metallurgical design, plant commissioning, plant engineering and financial and project contract negotiations.

Whilst working for and on behalf of De Beers, ALROSA, Trans-Hex, and other independent and publicly listed diamond operators, Rob has been involved in many projects around the Globe, including South Africa, Botswana, Russia, Canada, Angola, Sierra Leone, Australia, Venezuela and China. His experience stretches from kimberlite and alluvial treatment through to marine diamond mining, including feasibility and due diligence as well as prospecting, exploration and project design and execution and plant operations.

Rob has worked for the Bateman Group and reached the position of General Manager - Diamonds reporting to the Managing Director. In this role he was responsible for identifying and securing project work and filling in the important project sponsor role between it and the particular project client. He previously played the Lead Process Engineer and consulting role on projects for De Beers, Debswana, NamDeb, TransHex and ALROSA.

Prior to Bateman, Rob worked for Debswana Diamonds (1988-1996) in operations Managements and was involved in the growth of the Jwaneng Mine which turned into the world class operation that it is today.

Ricky Ford

Operation Director, ProMet Dadi (Pty) Ltd
NTD Electrical Engineering, NTD Mechanical Engineering, MDP UNISA, GCC M&W (South Africa) Electrical, GCC M&W (South Africa) Mechanical.

Ricky has been employed in the minerals processing and mine industries for over 40 years. He has extensive experience in consulting, engineering, operations, maintenance and management of production facilities and mining fleets located around the globe.

Ricky has worked for large mining companies Amcoal and De Beers in their Southern African operations as well as for large operators in Tajikistan (Nelson Gold) and Jamaica (Kaiser Bauxite) in the Chief Engineer and Production Manager roles.

Ricky's Diamond expertise stretch to smaller operators, having provided services to operators in Angola and Sierra Leone, as well as a marine mining venture in South Africa, either as an employee or as a consultant via companies such as SRK.

Mr. Wang Dongping

Non-Executive Director – ProMet Dadi (Pty) Ltd
Graduate of China Mining University

Graduated from China Mining University with a Major in Coal Processing Technology in 1981, Mr Wang Dongping has worked at the highest level of coal processing technology and management for many years. Mr. Wang was Process Plant Manager for PingshuoAntaibao Open Cut Mine for many years, China’s largest open cut coal mine and process plant. PingshuoAntaibao was a World Bank funder USA – China joint venture project. Mr. Wang worked for a time at the China Coal Ministry, and later became General Manager of Long-Airdox (Tianjin) Co. Ltd., where he was instrumental in bringing modern coal process technology from Australia to China in the late 1990’s and throughout the last decade. Mr. Wang joined Schenck (Tianjin) Industrial Technology Co. Ltd. as General Manager and worked there until early 2007 when he joined the Dadi Group. Mr. Wang is now the Deputy President of Dadi Group and General Manager of Tianjin Sub-branch. Mr. Wang Dongping is a highly renown coal processing expert, and a prominent figure in the coal industry.

Mr. Wang Dongping was been instrumental in development of over 40 high technology modular coal processing plants in China and was the key figure in the introduction of modern coal processing technology into the Chinese coal industry.

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