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Uranium Capability

ProMet Dadi has an international reputation as a company with a wealth of knowledge and experience inmineral processing and plant engineering.

We are based in South Africa, China, Australia and Botswana and provide the full spectrum of engineering services from process design, mechanical engineering, electrical and instrumentation to civil and structural design.

We offer the full spectrum of services from test-work programme development, management and interpretation of test-work, conceptual studies, due diligence, feasibility studies through to bankable feasibility studies. We also carry projects through engineering, subsequent project execution and production ramp up.

We utilize a broad range of process design tools and all our work is overlaid by extensive practical metallurgical and engineering experience.

We are one of the few companies in the world that offers in-house, experienced metallurgists and engineers with the specific knowledge of the extractive metallurgy of Uranium.

This enables us to offer our clients a total Uranium processing solution. From understanding the geology of the ore body to process design and plant commissioning, our team of specialists ensures that Uranium resources are developed economically and competitively.

Process expertise

ProMet Dadi engineers have experience with the treatment of uranium ores typical of the Witwatersrand Gold Basin and further afield. Understanding the characteristics of the ore body is crucial in selecting the appropriate flow-sheet that includes processing in both acidic and alkaline chemical environments.

Our specialized extractive metallurgy expertise covers all aspects of uranium processing including:

All Unit Processes

  • Communition
  • Thickening
  • Leaching
  • Filtering
  • Ion Exchange
  • Solvent Extraction
  • Precipitation

In direct association with the processing of uranium containing ores, ProMet Dadi personnel have been associated with Rio Tinto’s Rossing Plant operations in Namibia, the metallurgical leaching test work and commissioning of the Yellerrie project pilot plant in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia and various South African plants where uranium was extracted as a by-product

Materials of construction

The materials of construction range for uranium beneficiation range from simple carbon steel vessels and piping through to equipment manufactured from high grade duplex stainless steels, titanium and other exotic alloys.The material requirements are essentially well-known and have been proven over time. Within Promet Dadi, however, we are able to access the services of professional metallurgists to assist in the economic evaluation and specific suitability of materials of construction.


The various chemicals and unit processes required in the processing of uranium, while well known, does expose personnel tohazards. In addition, Uranium is a radio active element and requires adherence to strict procedures to ensure that plant personnel are adequately protected. Promet Dadi’s engineers fully understand the regulatory and practical requirements to construct, operate and decommission plants with the safety and health of personnel and the environmental impact catered for.

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