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Core Business

ProMet Dadi provides feasibility studies, mine and process plant design and management, engineering and project management through to installation and commissioning using proven state-of-the art engineering technology. It offers significant savings on capital and project execution times.

Our core expertise lies in providing sound process-oriented solutions. Our founders and employees have many years of experience in operating and design of plants and processes covering the full spectrum for iron ore, diamonds, coal, gold, base metals and other industrial minerals as well as the unit operations required for the production of steel.

Global Reach:

Our engineers have an impressive track record with projects undertaken in all corners of the globe from its offices in South Africa, China and Australia.

Location of completed projects:

China, India, Fiji, Indonesia, Mongolia, New Caledonia, Vietnam.

South Africa, Angola, Botswana, Cameroon, Guinea, Mauritania, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, DRC.

Albania, Greenland, Hungary, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine.

Brazil, Canada, Chile, Peru, USA, Venezuela.

Core Competencies:

We are an international leader in mineral and hydrometallurgical beneficiation with total installed run of mine capacity exceeding over 500 million tons per annum for all our projects globally

We are able to provide project solutions in all mineral and metal commodities and associated infrastructure.

We develop mines from mine planning though beneficiation and marketing.

The core competency extends up and down the project value chain and vertically integrates across project offerings to include for :-

• Project Infrastructure
• Accommodation and Dwellings
• Power Generation and Reticulation
• Water Reticulation
• Fuel Supply and Site Storage
• Product Evacuation
• Roads
• Rail links

PROMET also has experience in marine mining and associated ship modification, design and refit to suit large scale mineral recovery in deep-water offshore and near shore conditions

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